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  • Kidney Stone Center

  • What is the Kidney Stone Center?
    Gyan Pareek, MD, director of the Kidney Stone Center, discusses how kidney stones are treated and ways to prevent them.
    What are Kidney Stones?
    Learn about the causes and symptoms of kidney stones.

    The Miriam Hospital’s Kidney Stone Center – the only center of its kind in Rhode Island – uses the latest technology and preventive techniques to provide comprehensive care for patients who have or are recovering from kidney stones.

    We offer patients complete medical and dietary management, as well as diagnostic services, in one location. Our team includes nephrologists, urologists, dietitians and sonographers. They collaborate to give patients the best options for nonsurgical and surgical treatment.

    Committed to prevention

    The Kidney Stone Center’s goal is not only to treat existing kidney stones but to stop stones from forming.

    Recurrent stone disease affects 50 percent of patients within five to 10 years following stone removal. However, medical and nutrition management can dramatically reduce the chances of stone formation for many people.

    Our expert dietician tailors plans to address our patients’ specific needs.

    Expertise with high-risk patients

    We have extensive experience caring for patients at high risk of developing kidney stones due to medical conditions like metabolic syndrome, short gut, diabetes and obesity, as well as patients who have undergone gastric bypass.

    To make a referral or for more information, call the Kidney Stone Center at 401-793-3158.

    The Kidney Stone Center works closely with the Minimally Invasive Urology Institute to provide comprehensive care for patients who have or are recovering from kidney stones.

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