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  • About Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI or MR)

  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI  uses a strong magnetic field and radiowaves to image the body. MRI is commonly used to examine the brain, spine, joints, abdomen and blood vessels. 

    The MRI scan is performed inside a large cylindrical magnet which has a patient table in the center. As there is a strong magnetic field, it is important to let the technologist know of any metal on or in your body. Some MRI exams require an injection of an MRI contrast or dye.  Typical MRI studies require 30 to 60 minutes. It is important not to move during the exam.

    No special preparation is required for the exam. All MRI exams are interpreted by a board-certified radiologist with subspecialty training in MRI.

    For more information about MRI at The Miriam Hospital, call 401-793-4448 or e-mail