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  • Nuclear Cardiology

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    Nuclear Cardiology pertains to the heart. Some exams commonly performed include stress testing with myocardial perfusion imaging and cardiac blood pool scans (RVG). The results are read and evaluated by a qualified cardiologist or radiologist on the day of the test.

    The nuclear cardiology division of nuclear medicine at The Miriam Hospital deals with the diagnosis of heart-related illnesses. Small, safe amounts of radioactive materials are injected into the patient. These travel to the heart, enabling pictures of the heart to be taken. All studies are interpreted by a board-certified cardiologist or radiologist with specialty expertise in nuclear cardiology.

    The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories (ICANL) recognizes the nuclear cardiology department of The Miriam Hospital as an accredited lab.

    To schedule an exam please call 401-793-4480. For more information about general nuclear medicine at The Miriam Hospital, call 401-793-4118 or e-mail