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    Restoring You to Better Health

    The Miriam Hospital's rehabilitation services department offers a complete array of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. The focus of our department is confidential, beneficial health care that respects all cultures, genders and ages. A dedicated team of therapists provides an individualized treatment program for you and monitors your program and progress closely to ensure a positive outcome. We follow your referring physician's rehabilitation orders and maintain communication with your doctor.

    Our Services include:

    • Pulmonary rehabilitation 
    • Total joint replacement therapy 
    • Wound care management 
    • Lymphedema management 
    • Carpal tunnel & specialized hand therapy management 
    • Speech language pathology
      • Clinical swallowing evaluations and treatment
      • Modified cine barium swallow studies
      • Comprehensive cognitive communication assessments/treatment
      • Voice evaluations/treatment
    • Specialized management of musculoskeletal injuries
    • Specialized management of back and neck pain 
    • Cognitive and neuro-muscular rehabilitation 
    • Occupational therapy 

    Once your physician refers you to The Miriam Hospital's rehabilitation program, we will schedule you as soon as possible. Our goal is to begin your treatment without delay.