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    In March 2015, The Miriam Hospital is applying for re-designation of its Magnet status. Patients, family members, staff, and interested parties who would like to provide comments are encouraged to do so.
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    Working at The Miriam

    If you are interested in professional nursing and working with doctors, staff and other nurses in a genuinely collaborative setting, it’s time to investigate a career with The Miriam.

    A Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence
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  • A Magnet Hospital

    Quality, Excellence, Innovation

    "The Magnet Recognition Program recognizes health care organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice. Consumers rely on Magnet designation as the ultimate credential for high quality nursing. Developed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Magnet is the leading source of successful nursing practice and strategies worldwide."


    What Magnet Means for Miriam Nurses and the Hospital

    The Miriam Hospital achieved Magnet designation in 1998 and has since re-earned the credential through an extensive application process every four years. This can only be accomplished in a hospital where nurses participate at all levels of care and all levels of the organization to make clinical and systems decisions to improve patient outcomes and experience. 

    Magnet designation also requires the support and participation of all departments and employees in the hospital, placing patient care first and foremost in their mission of delivering health with care.

    Miriam nursing incorporates the Magnet Model framework into its strategic planning and operational initiatives. The Magnet Model promotes the critical role of nurses in achieving improved empirical outcomes through transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice and new knowledge, innovations and improvements. 

    What Magnet Means for Patients

    Evidence shows that Magnet hospitals have improved nurse to patient ratios, and patient satisfaction is higher than in non-magnet hospitals. Health care consumers seek objective benchmarks to help them choose a health care provider. Magnet hospitals must demonstrate improved patient outcomes and superb nursing care in order to retain their credential, which is why patients tell us they choose The Miriam Hospital.