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  • Working at The Miriam

    If you are interested in professional nursing and working with doctors, staff and other nurses in a genuinely collaborative setting, it’s time to investigate a career with The Miriam.

    A Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence
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  • Professional Practice Model

    Our Professional Practice Model (PPM) is a schematic description of the framework of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for those served throughout the care continuum. The PPM incorporates Benner’s and Duffy’s nursing theoretical frameworks, the profession’s foundational documents, such as the Code of Ethics for Nursing, our Philosophy of Nursing and our tenets of professional practice.

    The Professional Practice Model is continually evaluated through such measures as nurse satisfaction and nurse-sensitive patient outcomes.

    Miriam Hospital model of care

    Our Care is Relationship-Centered and Expert

    Relationship centered care results in “feeling cared for” and produces exceptional clinical outcomes, patient experience, and professional accountability for practice.

    Caring Factors are the Foundation of Nursing Interactions

    The primary role of Registered Nurses is the development and maintenance of caring relationships, which are garnered by human interactions grounded by the eight caring factors identified by Joanne Duffy: Mutual problem solving, attentive reassurance, human respect, encouraging manner, appreciation of unique meanings, healing environment, basic human needs, and affiliation needs.

    Our Shared Principles Illuminate Our Practice

    The practice of nursing at The Miriam Hospital is actualized and evaluated through the six tenets of our PPM:

    • autonomy
    • professional accountability
    • relationship centered care
    • shared governance
    • interprofessional practice
    • intentional presence

    Nurses at all levels of the organization participate in a robust Shared Governance structure to evaluate practice and outcomes, and to make decisions about clinical practice standards, quality improvement, professional development and nursing research.

    Our Care Delivery System

    Our Care Delivery System encompasses the settings in which we practice, the manner of delivery, skills required, and anticipated outcomes of care. The foundation of the delivery of care is the primacy of relationships.