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  • Healthy Holiday Tips

    Experts at the Women's Medicine Collaborative offer tips to keep healthy over the holidays.

    walking in AutumnHealthy Holiday Food Choices

    Katie Lester, RD, LDN, a clinical dietitian at the Women’s Medicine Collaborative explains how to avoid food temptations during the holidays:

    • Take the edge off your hunger before a party
      Feeling hungry can sabotage even the strongest willpower. Eat a small, low-fat snack, such as fruit, before you head out the door. This will help you avoid rushing to the buffet table when you arrive.
    • Make just one trip to the party buffet
      Choose only the foods you really want to eat and keep portions small. Often just a taste satisfies a food craving or curiosity. Also, move your socializing away from the buffet table to eliminate unconscious nibbling.
    • Enjoy physical activity after a holiday feast
      Find activities the whole family can do such as walking, ice skating, or sledding. Develop family fun-time habits that can continue after the holiday season.

    Moving Through the Holidays

    Greg Salgueiro, RD, LDN, lifestyle medicine program manager and certified health fitness specialist at the Women's Medicine Collaborative, explains how to keep active around the holidays:

    • Select proper clothing for the weather
      If you don’t like being out in the cold, try purchasing some specific winter weather workout gear. Take your fall workout clothes and toss them in the dryer just long enough to warm them up. Once you get outside and moving, your body temperature will keep you warm.
    • Introduce some new indoor activities
      Try adding some physical activity that you can do inside. You could join a local fitness center and even experiment with some new classes. If you prefer to stay home, find exercise videos on the internet or your local cable TV provider. This is a great way to try yoga, pilates, zumba or circuit training without leaving your living room.

    Reducing Holiday Stress

    Drinking CoffeeCourtney McCarthy, LICSW, a clinical social worker and intake coordinator in women’s behavioral medicine at the Women’s Medicine Collaborative, advises to:

    • Take time for yourself
      During the holidays we often get so wrapped up in what we are doing for others that we tend to forget about ourselves. It is important to carve out some time for yourself to help manage some of the stress during the holiday season. Relaxing activities like going for a walk, getting a massage or reading a book can all help to de-stress during this busy time.
    • Learn to say “no”
      Most of us take on too much during the holiday season. We make commitments and take on too many obligations that we either don’t have time for or don't feel like doing.
      As much as we worry about upsetting others, most people can relate to the stress that comes with this time of year and will be understanding. You will find you’ll be much less stressed and have more time to get everything you really want to do done. There is such a thing as taking on too much, so give yourself permission this year to say “no.”
    • Keep perspective
      Remember what the holidays are about and focus on what is important to you. No matter how much you try to plan ahead, things can, and will, go awry. It is important to let go of some of the stress that comes with the planning and try to focus on pausing to take it all in and enjoy the moments you worked so hard to plan for.
    • Meditate
      The holidays are a hectic time of year; it is important to slow down. Meditation can be a great tool for doing just that. All you have to do is close your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths and focus on your inhale and your exhale. It only takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere, anytime. This may help to quiet all of the internal noise and chaos surrounding the holiday season.

    The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy each other's company. Taking control of your eating, activity, stress and sleep can make a positive impact and let you concentrate on what's important. 

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