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  • The GENESIS Program

  • In 2003, GENESIS won Lifespan's Barnet Fain Quality Award, which recognized the program's great success.

    Geriatric-friendly Environment through Nursing Evaluation and Specific Interventions for Successful healing

    When hospitalized, older adults are more vulnerable to complications such as confusion, decreased independence, deconditioning, falls and weight loss. Through education, nursing evaluation, protocols and environmental changes, The Miriam Hospital staff has changed the culture of care for geriatric patients to reduce the risk of these complications.

    The GENESIS program at The Miriam Hospital began in 2002. The nursing staff received special training to learn more about caring for older patients in order to implement the program.

    The GENESIS program assists patients with:

    Who is enrolled in the GENESIS program?

    For more information about the GENESIS program, please call Martha Watson, RN, geriatric clinical nurse specialist, at 401-793-3162.