The Miriam Hospital Foundation Boards

TMH donor wallAbout Our Foundation

The mission of The Miriam Hospital Foundation is to support excellent, compassionate and state-of-the-art health care, education, and research through philanthropy, which is essential to sustaining every great academic medical center.

The trustees provide leadership, oversight and direct assistance to fulfill The Miriam Hospital Foundation’s purpose. They serve as the governing entity for all development-related activities, advocate for the needs of the hospital – which was founded upon community philanthropy – and devote their time, talent and treasure to sustaining and advancing those initiatives.

The Miriam Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

November 2016 – November 2017

Marie J. Langlois, Chair

Susan H. Kaplan, Vice Chair

Susan Bazar, Secretary

Steven J. Issa, Treasurer

Arthur J. Sampson, President

Lawrence A. Aubin Sr., Ex-officio

Timothy J. Babineau, MD, Ex-officio

Barrett Bready, MD

Jeffrey G. Brier, Life Trustee

Joseph Brito Jr.

Jonathan L. Elion, MD

H. Jack Feibelman, Life Trustee

Stuart Feldman

Edward D. Feldstein, Esq.

Suzanne R. Gilstein

Neil R. Greenspan, MD

Almon Hall

Alan G. Hassenfeld

Arthur Hurvitz, Life Trustee

Deborah Gilstein Jaffe

Phillip Kydd

Bertram M. Lederer

Alan H. Litwin

Jamie Manville

Marcus Mitchell

David F. Rampone

Lawrence A. Sadwin

Jeffrey K. Savit

Fred J. Schiffman, MD

Matthew Vrees, MD


Peter Arden, Life Governor

Gale Aronson

Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr.

Gussie Baxt

Deborah D. Benik, Life Governor

Mitzi Berkelhammer

John M. Blacher, Life Governor

Stanley P. Blacher, Life Governor

Jacob S. N. Brier

Jeffrey G. Brier, Life Governor

David Brodsky, Life Governor

Robert F. Camara

Steve Carlino Jr.

Frank Casale

Sherry S. Cohen

Adriana I. Dawson

Frank R. DeLuca

Robert DiMuccio

Grace Dugan

Robin Engle

Barnet Fain, Life Governor

Jonathan D. Fain, Life Governor

Jeffrey Feibelman

Edward D. Feldstein, Life Governor

Bennie Fleming, EdD

Brett Gerstenblatt

Joshua J. Giraldo

Maurice Glicksman, PhD, Life Governor

Jill Goldstein

George Graboys, Life Governor

Elizabeth Greenberg

Christine Griffin

Alan G. Hassenfeld, Life Governor

Arthur Hurvitz, Life Governor

Dayle H. Joseph, EdD, Life Governor

Charles B. Kahn, MD, Life Governor

Jo-An Kaplan

Susan H. Kaplan, Life Governor

Phillip Kydd, Life Governor

Marie J. Langlois, Life Governor

Jerrold L. Lavine

Bertram M. Lederer, Life Governor

Judith B. Levitt, Life Governor

Alan H. Litwin, Life Governor

Marianne Litwin

Susan Luz

Rabbi Sarah Mack

Herbert Malin, Life Governor

Nancy Maloney

Brock Manville

Keith S. Mathews

Wendy McRae-Owoeye

Jane S. Nelson, Life Governor

Bob Nowak

Taino J. Palermo, EdD

Vincent Pera, MD

David Rampone, Life Governor

Jamie O. Reavis

Arthur S. Robbins, Life Governor

David Rubin

Jerrold A. Salmanson

Steven Schechter, MD

Barbara Schoenfeld

Lisa Shorr

Jason Siperstein

Justin Strauss, Life Governor

Samuel Suls, Life Governor

Sheri Sweitzer

Sarah  A. Thurman, MD

Phillip A. Torgan, MD, Life Governor

Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman